Two-Day Refresher Course

The two-day refresher course intensively reviews the entire finance process you learned in the four-day certification course. It is designed to rejuvenate your knowledge if your numbers have fallen, bad habits have set back in, or if you have forgotten parts of the process.


what you will learn

You will learn how the finance department has evolved overtime, your many responsibilities as the finance manager, how to give a proper introduction, how to use specific questions to fact-find, how to perform a credit interview, use a graph presentation, execute an elevator pitch, and to effectively close and handle the most common objections.


why you want to learn it

As you learn this world-class finance process, you'll also build your confidence, abandoning  uncertainty. You’ll be able to gain the customer's perspective, deliver more powerful finance presentations customized to the customers needs, build their trust, and get bigger and better bumps.


how it will help you

After the two-day course you will find yourself at an elevated state. You will be able to increase and maximize your product penetration, dollar per copy average, and CSI results, ultimately growing your paycheck to levels you believed impossible before.


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