One-day Objection Handling Course

The one-day objection handling course dives into the deep end of closing and objection handling. This course covers everything you need to know to be an extremely effective closer. You’ll learn a plethora of closing techniques and objection handling tools. You’ll explore closing theory and how to incorporate it into your professional life.


what you will learn

You will learn how to set up the close starting from the very beginning of the sales process, to ask powerful “either or” questions, to handle customer objections in a non-confrontational manner, and how to compellingly ask for the sale.


why you want to learn it

Throughout this course your closing expertise will grow immensely, making the end of the sale much less intimidating. You'll build your confidence around closing. By abandoning your uncertainty, you will be able to make customers feel more relaxed. This will all enable the closing process to advance smoothly.


how it will help you

After the two-day course you will harness the tools and craftsmanship to be an effective closer. You will close bigger deals with bigger bumps methodically. You will be able to increase and maximize your product penetration, dollar per copy average, and CSI results, ultimately growing your paycheck to levels you believed impossible before.


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